Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Java EE Workshop at JNTU-A, Pulivendula Campus

The trigger for the workshop was to have the Computer Society of India chapter inauguration at JNTU - Anantapur, Pulivendula campus. Prof. G. Murali from the computer science department sent an email request to CSI, Hyderabad chapter asking for an advanced Java workshop to be conducted to mark the chapter inauguration.

CSI forwarded the request to me and at first I did not respond. He contacted CSI, Hyd chapter again who told him to talk to me directly. On a Saturday, when I was having breakfast, he called me and I agreed. The workshop dates were finalized as 21st - 23rd of September.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mentoring Trainees In Java

Every year we at 4S have a certain intake of trainees. They are asked to do a Java EE course at a training institute during their vacation before they join the company. The students do go to training institutes and come back with certificates. But when asked practical questions, we get blank faces.

Despite whatever reputation and revenue they have, the Ameerpet training institutes just cover theory in classroom sessions. In fact, students are not even made aware of simple things like where to put the app files or the war file in the Tomcat container. This happened with the last year’s batch of management trainees too.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Session at St. Peter's : Industry Requirements And I.T. Infrastructure Management

As a management committee member of Computer Society of India, Hyderabad chapter, I want to do my bit to bring the academic world and industry closer. I’d be conducting guest lectures at various engineering colleges along with professionals from the corporate world.

The first session I could do was on 15-Sep-2012 at St. Peter’s Engineering College. The expert who gave the main talk was Vandana Waghray, Director - Information Technology at United States Pharmacopeia - India.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Catching Them Young With The Hindu

Back in August, my kids told their mother that, a newspaper will be given to them daily in their school. Mahiba did not show much interest.

Later Rayyan told that the principal was listing names of students who will take the newspaper. Rayyan said he told the principal that his mother will decide and inform. The principal knows both Ruwayda and Rayyan well. She said that she will write Rayyan’s name in her list and talk to his mother.