Friday, 8 April 2016

Practical Rails : Adding a bootstrap theme

When you are trying to get your webapp prototype or MVP up and running, you wouldn't wait for your UI group to deliver their entire UI assets. {wrap}bootstrap is a good place to get bootstrap themes for less than $20. And who knows, the theme you select maybe good enough to go to production.

In this post, I present the steps to plug a bootstrap theme into your Rails app.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Hello World : Virgin Identifier

On behalf of the Hyderabad Machine-language Engineers Network (HYMEN), I am extremely happy to announce that we have come out with a technology solution to identify whether a girl is a virgin or not. The name of our product is VirIde (pronounced We Ride), short for Virgin Identifier. It can be applied in a very discreet and non-intrusive way, and solves a huge problem burdening our society.

It has been a very natural law through out human evolution that males have always wanted uninhibited fun in their pre-marital age, but display obsessive preference to virgins when they want to marry. How can one know whether a girl is virgin or not? There is no way to find out this fact without violating the legal, ethical, and probity standards of our age.