Friday, 31 October 2014

A.P. Government Using Big Data Analytics

There was a news item in Andhra Jyothi dated 05-Oct-2014 on how the government of Andhra Pradesh is leveraging Analytics for efficiencies in welfare schemes implementation and benefits disbursal. I searched the web but could not find this coverage in other papers and channels. So I translated the Andhra Jyothy news report into English, to add to the knowledge base on Big Data Analytics.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Python tuple sort idiom in Ruby

Was looking at some Python code recently, which uses tuples to sort, and wondered what the Ruby equivalent code for the same would be.

1. The first snippet
distances = []
distances.append((distance, user))
return distances

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Suffixed Communication

I got introduced to the term Nonviolent Communication at a LICH meetup. A motley group, LICH is Literary, Intellectual & Cultural Hub meetup which meets twice a month, at Banjara Hills and Madhapur. For the 5th August meet, the organizers had brought Shammi Nanda, who talked about nonviolent communication. Until I attended this meeting I had no idea that such a thing as nonviolent communication existed.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Grails Trail : Use Case 0.3

Continuing my encounters with Grails in whatever limited time I am able to garner. Wrote a small use case and implemented it.

Use Case
* Menubar should be a common resource called from various screens
* Menubar should have a menu item "About Us". This should have three sub-menu items: "Company", "Mission", "Contact Information".
* "Company", "Mission", and "Contact Information" are static pages and do not need any model data.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Ubuntuing And Hadooping

Been ubuntuing and hadooping for some days now. But first a digresssion. I have this funny, non-scientific correlation : If you go to a place that has a bunch of programmers, be it a startup or a technical conference, and if you see a predominance of MacBooks, then that place is mature and on par with Silicon Valley. If you find a predominance of Ubuntu, then it is an ecosystem on the rise. If you find the bunch of techies without laptops and the few there have Windows, then it is a laid back place which has potential (read Hyderabad) and a lot has to be done :)

Now, don't get upset with my statement. Or start a flame. I said, funny and unscientific, didn't I? Back to the topic of this post.