Saturday, 27 April 2013

Notes From Startup Saturday 13-Apr-2013

Attended Startup Saturday, 13-Apr-2013. Theme was PR and Zero-budget marketing and tried to inform folks on "how can startups effectively leverage free media - either owned assets or earned through networks - to promote their products?"

Proceedings started with Ajay Reddy talking about Very unique concept this; as his site says it's "a unique travel challenge which will take you to all the UNESCO world heritage sites across India over the period of one full year." Focusing on the day's subject, he said that most of the editors, journalists, publishers are available on twitter or their email ids are available on the web; so tweet or email them about your product concept or business model, telling them how you affect somebody's life and asking if this is interesting for them to publish stuff about you. You will definitely get traction. He also mentioned that branding cannot be done by google ads.

Friday, 19 April 2013

docdist in Ruby

Surfing the net a few days ago, I bumped into CS 6.006 (Introduction to Algorithms) course lectures of of MIT taught by professors Erik Demaine and Srinivas Devadas. They illustrate the course with Python language and a program named docdist, which essentially 'computes the "distance" between two text files # as the angle between their word frequency vectors (in radians).' That evening I spent a few hours translating the program into Ruby.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Yable : Follow Every Rainbow

Attended yet another book launch event, on 7th March. This one was Rashmi Bansal’s Follow Your Rainbow. Venue was Landmark at Somajiguda.

During her talk, Rashmi made a distinction between men and women entrepreneurs. Men give their whole focus to the business. Women typically enter into business in the areas that are more familiar like food, clothes etc. Their entrepreneurship takes off from a hobby or interest and as they run their business they also do other tasks like taking care of their children’s needs. Single-minded money focus vs multi-tasked passion is what one could say.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Saturday Ruby Algorithm

I didn’t sleep much on Saturday night - I barely got to sleep 2 to 3 hours. Why? Quite unexpected and unplanned were the task I did and this blog entry.

The plan on Saturday morning was to go to Ruwi & Rayyan’s school for the parent-teacher meeting to collect their annual grades reports. We wanted to start from home at noon. Since I had some time after the late Saturday breakfast, I was on the net and somehow landed on Vic Gundotra’s plus entry of Valentine’s day. I think the “somehow” trail, though I am not 100% sure, was Latest from Blogger buzz on the +sign before Google profile becoming a link → link to Gregory Fair → just scrolling down → Vic Gundotra’s entry.

Anyways, the post was about Vic’s son writing a “geeky cool” Valentine’s card to his girlfriend :
“First, I need to know what you’re made of, because you seem to be composed of Copper and Tellurium, which explains why you’re so CuTe.”