Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tapp(se)ing Twitter Data

Too many encounters with Big Data happening these days -- through articles, newsletters, and even books. Big Data is the Big Buzz. During JavaOne 2013 Hyderabad, I realized that using the words “Big Data” in the title of your presentation is a sure way of drawing crowds; in fact, one of the sessions was about jvm tuning but was named Big Data and performance or some such thing, and needless to say the room was full and folks had crammed even the standing space. Intellectual dishonesty, I abhor.

The starting point for getting into Big Data space is of course data analysis, which is but a fancy word for applying stuff that you learn in college courses on statistics. So I wanted to get my hands on to a few things in data analysis. As is my habit, to take a dive into a subject, I first scour for books. Online, of course.

Monday, 24 June 2013

At the June Startup Saturday (Hyderabad) event

How often do we encounter the terms copyright, trademark or patent but don’t really understand what exactly they are or the differences amongst them. The theme of the last Startup Saturday, intellectual property rights was very apt as it sought to explain the nuances surrounding these.

As the chief speaker Ddharaniikota Ssuyodhan of DataHub said, this is a very vast area and his intent was to at least make us think of various mechanisms of protection, if not give indepth knowledge during the session. It was a very interactive and very informative talk and when I entered, the question being discussed was, what can be considered copyright? Similarly, during the course of the talk, he asked questions and the audience gave their own answers, which usually were right but not fully comprehensive.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Yable : Petals From My Heart

Attended yet another book launch event -- that of Sandhya Amirichetty named “Petals From My Heart” at The Oxford Book Store, Park Hotel on 19-May-2013.

I first noticed a small item about it in The Indian Express. The I searched online but did not find many hits. There was but one post on raedleaf’s facebook page. So my immediate impression was that this must be a resourceful (read rich) person who really doesn’t need to use cost-effective social media-types marketing mechanisms.