Monday, 20 August 2012

Rating Haleem

As the dryness of the ground recedes, as the vibes of spirituality peek and as the joyous occasion approached, we tasted different dishes. Chiefly haleem.

This year we enjoyed haleem from Hyderabad Restaurant (a local Madhapur eatery not to be confused with Hyderabad House), Paradise and Bawarchi. Sarvi bakery had closed their branch at Madhapur. Last year (or the year before, I don’t remember) I had gone to Sarvi after office hours only to return empty handed. Banjara Hills was a bit far to go just for haleem. But we still wanted to taste Sarvi’s haleem, so what do we do?

Offo. Well that’s not a sigh. It’s the name of a startup that I came to know of at the recent smashup event where they made a lightning pitch. The founders Suresh Jain and Rohit Karne, who did the presentation, looked very spirited and upbeat about their venture. I remembered their phone number from the ppt, and we called them. Yes, they would deliver Sarvi’s Haleem, family pack and they did with a Rs 50 delivery charge. Mission accomplished.

In the city there are biryani and haleem competitions, where they bring starlets to grace the occasion. The Hussain family have our own competition and ratings. Albeit without the actresses and two passionate judges.

Ruwayda’s ratings:
1. Paradise
2. Sarvi
3. Hyderabad Restaurant
4. Bawarchi

Rayyan’s ratings:
1. Hyderabad Restaurant
2. Sarvi Bakery
3. Paradise
4. Bawarchi

Of course, there’s no clear winner as Hyderabad Restaurant, Paradise and Sarvi score 6 points. Next year we will have other parameters to identify the clear winner : )-. Alvida, mahe Ramadan.


  1. Reading this blog made my mouth water. I am missing the HYDERABADI Haleem and of course the Biryaani. Do you know in US we have Paradise Biryaani Point? Although not affiliated to the one in Secundrabad. Eid Mubarak...

  2. Eid Mubarak to you too. Not aware of the Paradise Biryaani Point in the U.S. Which place? Did you try the biryaani there?

  3. Mahboob Bhai,

    Did you taste the Haleem of "Shah Ghouse"? That was ranked No.1 last year during the competition held by Times Of India.

    I did get the opportunity to relish the Shah Ghouse haleem multiple times this year.