Thursday, 15 November 2012

Internet Marketing : Session at CMR Technical Campus

Continuing with the Computer Society of India initiative of organizing guest presentations in engineering colleges, I coordinated a second one, this time by Ameen Khwaja. The session was held at CMR Technical Campus on 13-Oct-2012.

Ameen is the CEO of PalPremium Online Media Pvt Ltd., and his profile is:

Internet entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in web / mobile marketing, social media marketing, eCommerce and user interface design for web / mobile. Ameen has been consultant to many Fortune 500 companies including Public Storage, Qwest, GemFind, TempCover, Kwikfit etc.
Ameen Khwaja obtained his graduation in Robotics from University of East London, after which he moved to the field of his passion, "online advertising" and has a decade of experience in the field. His academic final year project "Control System for Space Craft, Using Binary coefficient" topped in UEL and was selected for Ph. D.
He is skilled in strategic marketing and gets excellent coverage in building online community and brand awareness for the products. He has been involved in political / social media campaigns Since 2008. He is official external consultant to ex-Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu & TDP for their internet marketing and social media campaigns.
Currently Ameen is into Board of Directors of the following companies -
1. Premium Web Services Private Limited India
2. PalPremium Online Media Private Limited India
3. Online Advertising Group LLC (Delaware USA)
4. HiTech Cyber Solutions LLC (Houston USA)
5. Santamonica Technologies Inc (California USA)
6. Eminent Products and Services (California USA)

Coming to the actual session, it was anchored by students Piyush Dwivedi and Sanjana Shaik. Piyush was a very active participant at the core Java certificate course I had conducted recently.

First I gave my usual introductory talk - about CSI, its websites and membership benefits. And spoke about my two favourite lessons to be imbibed by students : don’t be just an instruction taker, be a problem-solver and be the best in whatever you do. Martin Luther's quote that emphasises the latter point evoked a thunderous applause.

Ameen started with his humble family background and advised the students that education is the best investment. His presentation had interesting statistics. For example, search engines do 5 billion+ searches per day, i.e., 2.9 million searches per minute. The presentation was made interesting by showing two videos regarding web marketing.

He covered search engine optimization, sponsored ads and social media marketing. I personally learnt two examples from Ameen’s presentation: Nyan cat and Shraddha Sharma.

Wikipedia has the complete story of how an initial cat gif animation called Pop Tart Cat was combined with a tune that goes “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya” went viral in 2011. Point is even simple stuff can go viral.

Shraddha Sharma, an internet sensation made her own song videos and uploaded them to youtube. Her first song is “Main Tenu Samjhavan Ki” from the movie “Virsa”. This was just in April 30 of last year when she was 15 years old and look at her numbers now: 410k Facebook likes and 2.1 million youtube views. Point is, you don’t need to be a huge celebrity to make it big on the web, the web will make you a celebrity.

Ameen concluded his presentation with various types of jobs available in this field and the skills required for those positions. there were quite a few questions during the Q&A session and one student asked about the variables that needed to be optimized for search engine optimization. Ameen informed that Google keeps changing their algorithms and their search variables.

We were shown the placement block and informed how Mr. Gopala Reddy is open to partner with companies to startup their operations in the campus. Well, this was the college placement cell doing their own marketing to us : )-

Internet marketing is cheaper compared to traditional marketing and with the explosive growth of web usage, it is here to stay. The complete photoset of the event is available at this link.

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